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Ben Bova - anything

Post by sanscardinality »

I've been listening to Ben Bova novels while I renovate my house, drive, or sometimes write code (apparantly, the "code" part of my brain is separate from the "story" part - someone can tell me why if they know.)

In short, I find them to be very compelling in the same way TOS Star Trek is - they are unabashedly optimistic about technology and science, have emotional characters interacting in some interesting ways, and really give the feeling of being in space. The one's I've enjoyed most are:

The Rock Rats Trilogy (mining the 'belt)

Hope others find them interesting as well!

- SC
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Post by Windwalker »

I'm embarassed to say that I haven't read anything by Ben Bova, although I'm very much aware of him as a stalwart presence in SF.
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Post by intrigued_scribe »

Truth to tell, I haven't read anything by Ben Bova--and a number of other authors--myself ('Course, I probably ought to).


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